patriotism and green chile relish

It wasn’t intentional, but I’m pretty sure we began the Fourth of July weekend in protest. It was storming in the mountains, which thwarted our previously planned Saturday escape, and the fireworks continued relentlessly into the wee hours of EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT, keeping us from our cherished long weekend of sleep. Come Sunday, we were Independence Day Scrooges, bah humbug’ing and… Read More patriotism and green chile relish

hope and popsicles

Sometimes it’s the small things that shine the brightest light in the darkness. We live in such strange times, friends… shootings in Orlando, bombs in Istanbul, and the surefire knowledge that it’s simply going to happen again. Just this week, I left the house to work offsite for the first time in months, and I was greeted… Read More hope and popsicles