jason and elizabeth

Alone, we are nothing special. Elizabeth is a bit silly, a lot excitable, and ever full of surprises… really no different from the next slightly high-strung creative. Jason, on the other hand, is a pensive, enigmatic, genius of renaissance man. Put us together, and it’s a recipe for a whole lotta fun.

That’s really what this website is about: having fun, and taking names. It could be a random masterpiece Jason concocts in the kitchen, an unforgettable jaunt to a far-flung corner of the world, or just a pint at a local Denver brewery with friends. Our lives are filled to the brim with all things food, faith, friends, and fun, and there is plenty to go around.

So consider this is your (in)formal invitation into our home for an epic gathering of “Fun with the Frels.” We hope we can inspire a little bit of fun and adventure in your lives in return.

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