intros and beginnings

intro_picFirst thing’s first: introductions. We figure it’s a little forward to come ask you to have fun with us if you don’t actually know who we are. So without further ado…

We [Jason and Elizabeth] met in college at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Elizabeth was a music and communication major from Wichita, KS, and Jason was a geology major from El Campo, TX. Despite our nerdy and non-party-going natures, we still managed to meet at a party. Imagine that!

One month later, Elizabeth was off to DC to pursue her master’s in arts management. Two years later, Jason joined her there for his master’s in geospatial informations systems (GIS) [note: Elizabeth is still not entire sure what this means]. Yet while we had a blast out east, we knew it wasn’t where we were meant to be for the long haul. So once Denver came calling about three years ago, we answered with great delight! Since then, we joined a church, got hitched, adopted a dog, and bought our ski passes… you know, the basics.

Today, Jason is a physical scientist for Uncle Sam [read: the Bureau of Land Management]. He basically gets to go play outside all the time while saving the planet from abandoned mine hazards. (It’s fascinating.) On the flip side of the coin is Elizabeth, a former nonprofit arts fundraiser turned travel writer. She gets to stay home all day and write about the world via Ker & Downey. We basically have our dream jobs, and we definitely don’t take them for granted.

When we’re not planning our next mountain escapade, you can find us bicycling around town, visiting the public library, supporting Colorado’s fine craft brew scene, going to the symphony, hosting game nights, and, most of all, cooking. We LOVE cooking. Jason is the true chef of the house and a master at all things improvised. But don’t discount Elizabeth… she is a damn fine baker and follower-of-recipes in her own right. Let’s just say we have a lot to learn from one another.

From the very beginning of our marriage, we made the conscious decision to have an open home — one where we can host, entertain, and love on our family and friends. We see this little website an extension of that decision. You won’t find anything contrived here — just our daily lives in all of their quirky glory, reflecting our people, places, pantry, pets, and projects.

So consider this little site of ours an invitation into our home. Our hope is that you come away inspired, excited, and that much more open to fun.

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