setting the stage

As we begin this journey of web transparency, we felt it was important to introduce the backdrop of our shenanigans. Because let’s be honest, we are a product of our place. If we didn’t live here, we probably wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun.


We were wanderers for the longest time, going to college in San Antonio, living abroad for extended periods of time, and kicking off our professional careers in Washington, DC. We wouldn’t trade those experiences or the friends we made in those places for anything, but upon arriving here in Denver a little over three years ago, we immediately felt like we had come home.

In fact, I think we surprised everyone when we decided to get married here, seeing as we had only lived here for about seven months when we got engaged.


But you know what? We love Denver, and it’s been more than good to us.

If you will allow us to gush for a bit…

First, it represents a melding and a balance of our personalities. To the west, we have the mountains and all of their various escapades at our beck and call. And to the east, we have the city center, a small but significant hub of high-end meets Colorado casual excitement. Elizabeth being a city girl and Jason being a nature guy, it is seriously not uncommon for us to set out for a hike on a Saturday morning, only to hop on our bikes and join friends downtown at the Symphony that same evening. That doesn’t even account for the pre-concert beers at a brewery or post-concert cocktails at a speakeasy.

It is also eclectic. It’s the capital of craft beer and the gateway to the Rockies, but it also has a surprisingly sophisticated public transit system. And while it is home to five major sports teams, it is also a benefactor of a long-established tax credit for scientific and cultural organizations. Plus, with the REI flagship right around the corner and Red Rocks as our home concert venue, it’s no wonder why all of the hipsters, naturalists, foodies, urbanites, ski bums, creatives, and tech gurus all flock here.


Don’t believe us? Just ask the New York Times.

That’s why we care about it so much. We care about investing in this place, being a part of it, and seeing it grow and thrive. We care about being good neighbors and supporting local businesses.

Sure, we don’t go out much. But when we do, we make it count.

And we take in the view.

Because how can we not?


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